Tuesday, April 22, 2014

It's a New Day

We switched Endos last month and took Mimi to Dupont. I ordered for all her records and insane history of test results to be faxed over, including all growth charts and everything else we could think of before we got there. We drove for an hour through picturesque Amish farms, negotiating the roads that were ravaged by potholes from our insanely cold winter.

Mimi had a thorough consult with a wonderful Endo who was so careful and meticulous, but also very funny and sweet to her. We walked out with a script for Growth Hormone. We also got a referral to cardiology (not messing around), one for labs for 2 weeks into GH (including a Karyotype lab thrown in...not messing again X2).  It was sort of like Disney World. Everything went smooth, was a successful appointment, and left me feeling shocked with relief.


Anonymous said...

Don't know you but... WAY TO GO!

denisekathleen said...

Wonderful news Maggie! Relief is a sweet feeling! xx