Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just Like a Rock Star...Thank You Fresh Beat Band!

We were so excited to head to Hershey last night for something so fun and special.
We attended the Fresh Beat Band concert at the Giant Center...and I have to say, it was a beautiful sight to see that "Little Light of Mine" happier than she's ever been I think.
And for her big brother to do something so exciting. We needed a fantastic night out!

This was the official first concert experience for both kids!
They could hardly wait for the show to start!
We were really treated so well as VIP guests! Check out the fab seats and cool Fresh Beat Band wrist bands (which 24 hours later they are still wearing, after having gone to school in them, etc. !)
 Mimi was so engaged, such a big girl. She was SO excited, her eyes lit up in anticipation.
And his too...!
At times I held Mimi on my lap, and would wonder what she was thinking. Then I'd glance around at her expression, and every time she was beaming. Or giggling. At Twist. LOL
 My favorite picture of night.
Mimi made a new friend named Carly, and it was all I could do to keep her off the floor (sorry ushers! the kids have to dance!) The band sang all the favorites and were hilarious.  Needless to say, Mimi is playing "dance show" today. And Max is considering taking dance classes like hip hop!

 The show ended with machines shooting confetti from the stage into the air, and cool huge beach balls bounced through the audience.
After the show, we headed back to the VIP party. There were healthy snacks including pretzels and organic fruit chewies. Lots of costumes and things to play on. A dance contest, and the much anticipated photos with the band.

 Check out Max with the gang. Marina had just told him she loved his glasses. So sweet!
If you can check out a Fresh Beat show in your local city, I'd recommend it. The kids will have so much fun. What a professional group of performers. They don't miss a beat!
Thank you Fresh Beat Band! You rock!

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