Saturday, October 19, 2013

Sweet Mimi is turning Three!

Mimi will be three years old on Monday. She had a Peppa Pig party today with some girls from the block. We kept it small, and tea-party like, and it worked out just right.

We ordered special Peppa Pig plates from England, and found polka dot napkins and the other things at shops here. They look cute on my Grandma's tablecloth.

Somewhere online, I found the idea for this cake, and I printed the people on my printer.

Mimi received the Peppa Pig people as a gift from us. They are having a great time in the RV! But George is being naughty saying he doesn't like the top bunk, and Mummy Pig keeps needing a band-aid.

They also enjoy the big doll house, and look very real hanging out in there. I am loving buying just the people to a set, and using them in the Loving Family house, van, and RV. Caillou and his band of friends have enjoyed the house for nearly a year already,
 Such a big girl, I am glad she had a nice party.
Happy Birthday Mimi!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mimi! She's so beautiful! xx