Friday, June 14, 2013

Changes...the Short of It.

It's been so long since I wrote anything for my blog. I had so many great ideas. "our week with Jenny the au pair!"..."How I delivered hundreds of stuffed animals to Max's school." ..."baseball season!''..."end of first grade!"...."should I continue making little hair things?"...."Mimi's recent tests"...."turning 40."

but no, instead I watched online movies about people I met on facebook attending a Growth Convention and Little People of America stories. I read Endocrine Today articles and Journal of Medicine Growth Studies, and learned about Growth Hormone, and Ipsen Pharmaceutical Labs.

I am in a bit of a state, saving to get out of the state- to attend the world's largest growth convention for children with Growth Disorders. The Magic Foundation Convention in Chicago.

Things have gotten a bit intense, as Mimi I think hasn't grown again since February. or gained many ounces since then either. She's like this little beauty who seems to always look pretty close to what she looked like the last time you saw her. At 32 months old her hands are the size of a one year old. Only thinner. Her feet are the size of Will's feet on the Little Couple. Will has achon dwarfism and just turned three...only Mimi's feet are thinner.

I am nervous, as we've made the monumental move to have Mimi seen by two world growth experts at the convention. I have wondered about her for three years. Is a month all that I have to wait now?

I've really changed as I've taken care of Mimi. And I have to continue to change in order to survive the endless specialty appointments and feedings. I have to keep track of a lot and have energy for Max. and energy to play with both of them. I can't hear, "oh she's just short" and then abandon her needs ten minutes later. I have to block out those voices and carry on.

Scarily, everyday things seem utterly ridiculous to me now, including my own Creativity. (which has been replaced by research.)

It's rather odd to move away from things I've done for so long. To spend my days differently. It's Adaption.

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