Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sorry we weren't home, we went canoeing.

I put all of the home organizing, and designing of wool accessories aside this weekend. We got out. To Healthy Kids Day at the Y.
To the kickoff of baseball season.
And to Camp Shand, Family Day.
Jo Ellen, and I and three of the kids, All in a canoe. (!)
Seeing Max beam in his life jacket was lovely.
Our hair smells of campfire. Because we made S'mores.
I quite enjoyed putting my own camp canoeing skills to the test. I was floored when the tour revealed flushing toilets in a white linoleum new bathroom interior, and shower stalls that looked like something from a fitness center locker room (not the swinging plywood shower door with spider web cluster that as a camper I encountered).
We quite enjoyed our preview to summer. Now back to a house that needs tidied, and barrettes that need made and marketed. Passing the summer camp torch onto Max, with love. xx

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