Monday, February 13, 2012

Jane Eyre.

In my home here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania I am felting British wool (Wensleydale and Shetland)today. I was so happy to find Jane Eyre on On Demand this afternoon.
Just yesterday I had placed an order with Jo Ellen for a teal, on sale, I Love Gorgeous dress for Mimi, as Chris the London courier friend is arriving again next month.
The lovely capes and dresses in the movie remind me of that. So Mimi, when you read this when you're older, you can watch Jane Eyre and hold your tiny 2T dress and know what your Momma was thinking about when she bought it.

Please turn off my music selections if you want to see the Jane Eyre trailor. (Simply scroll to the bottom of my blog and press stop to stop the singing).

We've made 22 Valentines over the weekend, for Max's class, including little felt heart pins for all the girls.

I've been keeping quite busy preparing my NYC buyer presentation. Things are coming together- it's incredible all the ordering of items. I could sew and felt things up all evening, but it's all the particulars that have kept me running here and there and sitting at the computer far too long.
in other news,
I found an email today from 2004. It had to be the longest email I've read in years, as I think everyone's emailing has been reduced to twitter size text regulations. At first I was excited to read this find, -but as I read paragraph after paragraph, I just found it odd and disappointing. They listed all the artists (probably from a guidebook) that were shown in a museum they visited. It just went on and on. And I didn't know who half of the artists were. Little did they know I'd have been more interested in silly stories about their adventures than how a museum is run or how a tour works. Perhaps it was one of their "earlier work" emails. I guess we all have our faults at communication. I tend to send moderate size and excited emails that don't quite make sense half way through, with one significant misspelling.

Great short emails, even just a sentence, timely, and carefully selected for the reader are like little bursts of comradery.

Tonight I'll finish watching Jane Eyre, and imagine myself in full cape...walking the Moors. That and some humorous short emails (sent to and from the Yorkshire Dales), is my blissful evening.
Circa February 2012.


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