Sunday, September 26, 2010

A New Library, with Art by my friend Happy Silence

Manheim Township got a new public library, and in it's cool interior is art by my good friend Maggie Mowery of Happy Silence.

I am excited to have another library to go to. It is roomy and designed in a family friendly way, which will be nice for us. I think they need more books, so Pennsylvania please reconsider library budget cuts. What a cool building though. Lancaster city could use some funds to upgrade the city library too...the most frequented destination in the city.

Congrats to Maggie, your art looks so good here. I hope it stays up for a long while. Max and I have been twice, and found more Maggie Mowery pieces the second time...a nice surprise:-) XO


Jewel said...

The art looks as beautiful as the library! I am looking forward to visiting the new library and seeing the art.

Magdalen said...

Hi Maggie,

I am so happy that you made it over to the new library. I love how roomy it is with all of those windows. I'm glad that you got a chance to spend some time there with Max.

See you soon,