Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maggie French Accessories now at the My Aunt Debbie Boutique at Mommalicious

It's so hot i'm not sure what to do with myself, but one thing is for sure, I was happy to head downtown today to the torquise doors of Mommalicious and My Aunt Debbie.

Maggie French Accessories (pins/headbands/and my famous hairclips) all made from rare British Wensleydale wool are now available at the My Aunt Debbie shop (90% of the pieces for sale are by local Lancaster artists, including Debbie Serdy herself).

Above is Debbie, and below are examples of her endless creative imagination...

created in her local studio, often with local quirky found objects...

i loved these satchet pairs from Ana Apple- especially this London/France/Underpants one:-)

and these quirky Marley dolls wih yarn hair...

this picture below is sweet to me, because behind my flowers on the counter, I see a skeleton t-shirt by my buddy Maggie Mowery of Happy Silence, paired with a
Debbie Serdy collar necklace- we're all Lancaster art friends, so that makes me smile.

Visit the shop to see fantastic vintage furniture vignettes too, to get you in a creative mood. This is one of the best little shops in Lancaster and my personal favorite.


Wendy said...

So happy to see your lovelies at Mommalicious! I just got a groooovy birthday present from my family from Mommalicious, it's one of my favorite shops of all time.
sending you crafty love!

Maggie French said...

thanks Wendy, i think it's such a cool place for retro porch furniture especially:-)

Magdalen said...

Your stuff looks great at My Aunt Debbie's!

sweetmaggiemay said...

so does yours Mags! and i love it when are things are next to each other! (arty friends 4-eva!)