Saturday, May 1, 2010

Notes from the show...

Good morning little Grange building, where the show was held today.

Here's me and my little buddy.

These announcements and Pennsylvania cards are wonderful. I want one! From Melanie Linder.

These linens by Sara Medley were a fantastic modern spin on Dutchiness!

I really loved talking with Rose Ann from Sheeps in the Meadow.

here are her wonderful scarves

and to wrap up my post about the market, here's a fantastic sandwich wrapper and placemat by Kimberly Scola.

Max had lots of fun running around town with Matt, and ended the day playing with his new buddies. This was a unique Indie show and it was fun to chat with artists from around Pennsylvania. I was surprised to learn that Rose Ann has a Cotswolds sheep, and I just loved the Pennsylvania inspired art.

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