Sunday, November 8, 2009

what a week...

The past week has been a crazy blur. On Halloween day, after picking up some candy with Max, I had such chest pains i thought I would die the moment I walked into my house. That night, Matt ended up taking Max trick or treating down the street, and i stayed home and passed out candy.
The next day, as we were getting ready for a vacation to Maryland to see the Smithsonian museums in D.C., I decided to take myself to the emergency room to see what was going on. My chest and back had continued to hurt all day, and I thought it's not wise to not get myself looked at, especially since I'm a mom!!!!
so off I drove to Lancaster General, where I underwent tests until 11pm. At midnight, I was admitted to the hospital where I was told my gallbladder was infected and I'd need to have it taken out. On Monday, after a second (initial) surgery was ruled out (thank God), I went in to the operating room. Everything went "well", although they underestimated my pain medication so they literally pulled me off oxygen, and the next second I was saying, "i'm hurting! I hurt!" and shaking and panting. Kind of a mess.
But two more nights in the hospital, and lots of rest lying there watching tv, and eating clear liquids made me better...just missed the guys a lot. I'd never been apart from Max so that was quite hard on him.
Since Wednesday, I've been home, and today was my BIG day out, to my favorite event of the year, "Art on the Farm" at Chiques Creek Farm.

I was able to see the gang, Debbie Serdy of "My Aunt Debbie", Etsy's Maggie Mowery (Happy Silence), and Ann Kimmich and her baby Clay.
Max got out in the sunshine, it was a warm November day. He was so happy to be running around and having fun. He even saw Jessica King spinning wool and said, "she's spinning wool."
So home this week, I've started some Christmas presents and I want to stock the Lancaster Yarn Shop and Peachy Green with new things for the holidays.
best best....

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