Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hit the Road mural...

I am nearing completion of Max's "Hit the Road" room, based on the bedding collection from Target- I've been working on this mural the past few days.
I will post more pics soon, but here's a little peek.
I based my paintings on the trees, etc in the print of the curtains, and the lamp.
Today I finished a couple of trees and he just sat in his bed and smiled, looking around the room. The cutest thing is when he's playing in there, it looks like he's in an outdoor cartoon- really cool:-)

Me and my beautiful au pairs!

I am so lucky that working with these girls is my job. From all around the world, my au pairs are from...Germany, Colombia, South Africa, Romania, Mexico, and Thailand. This was taken on a roof deck in Lancaster City Saturday night. They all have such a sweetness in their eyes, this pic is a keeper.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Quote of the day from my mom: "Don't look now...but that's the man that mugged me."

Earlier this year, my mom was mugged at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia on her way to Florida. The man was caught on surveillance and has already been to prison for a similar crime this year.
Today I met her at the train station and we made our way to court for the preliminary hearing.
Let me just say, that I had no idea we would have to sit in the small court room, in the pew type seats WITH the defendants! (no handcuffs on them, no lawyer next to them, just us and them HANGING OUT!) and that the judge would be late, by like an hour and a half...and me and my mom would be stared out by the mugger for that long. (and let me just add, that this is not a guy who randomly mugs people. He does it all the time, according to detectives is "a REAL BAD GUY and a lifelong criminal."
He kept leaving the court room and going out into the hall. There were plenty of cops around, but they weren't close enough when I headed to the ladies and there was Mr. Mugger alone in a hall and standing about 2 feet from you think I was going into an empty restroom with him outside the door? think again!
Because a piece of evidence was missing the trial was postponed until September.
Don't worry Mr. Mugger, I'll be there so you can stare at me and my mom all you want again. We might be the last women you see for a long while.
If you are ever a victim or a witness in a case like this, bring someone and watch your back. We had to watch ourselves regarding what elevator we took, that we left the courthouse after he did, that we got a cab right away etc.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

PAUMES books

I might faint I want these books so bad!

if anyone has any concerns about what to get me for Christmas...

look no further...

This is: "Lady artists' studios"

It's gone!

On Friday my "Be a Local Hero" Buy Fresh Buy Local chair sold at the Buy Fresh Buy Local dinner in Central Market Square for $250, with the proceeds benefiting this great group.

If you're the one that bought it, let me know! I'm curious...:-)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My welcome sign

really fun to paint, but very heavy to
1. carry from it's secret previous location to the trunk of my car
2. carry from the trunk to the porch (this is when I dropped it on my foot)
3. carry off the porch to the ground...
but a week later, I forgot all about the pain! :-)

the neighbors flowers...

taken this evening-

Win a Cross from me!

This cross is made from a craft store wood cross, and in-laid in it are parts from a wooly handbag.
It measures: 6.5 inches wide by 9 inches tall.
The handbag I used has featured in several of my recent projects and was also used in a greeting card that will be published in the upcoming book (Feb. 2009): 1000 Handmade Greetings by Quarry Books.

Here's how to win!

Comment on my this blog by telling me the top 3 ways you make your house smell good!
I'll pick the person with the most unique answers that I'll want to actually try out!

(my house isn't stinky, but I need to establish some tried and true measures to keep it smelling truly lovely all the time)

Contest ends July 17 and the winner will be picked and notified July 18!
Thanks and good luck!

A Lobster in my shirt...and I didn't even KNOW IT!

(I took an online decorating style quiz. Can you believe I'm cottage/tuscany? I thought I was more modern or something, guess not!)

Oh here's the funny story:

I went to the auto store with Mr. French and Mr. French Jr....I looked down and my chest looked lumpy under my shirt. I thought, "what the heck, this isn't my necklace..." and in front of the male cashiers, out of pure curiosity, I reached down the front of my shirt and pulled out a 7 inch plastic toy lobster!!!!
That Max! He laughed his head off, and so did the cashiers!

Indie Arts meets tomorrow morning downtown at Dosie Dough Bakery on Lemon Street, I am excited to GET OUT!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Be a Local Hero Chair to be auctioned this Friday!

Help Launch Lancaster's Buy Fresh Buy Local week and make your reservations now for the kick-off celebration in historic Central Market Square.

Bid on my "Be A Local Hero, Buy Fresh Buy Local Lancaster" folk art chair, and other unique local items!

Friday July 11 from 6-9...enjoy local food by Carr's Restaurant, local beer from Stoudt's Brewery, and live music by the Vinegar Creek Constituency.
$50 per person, includes beer, local wines, and other beverages.
Make your reservation today by calling 717-291-4293 or email Linda at
Rain date is Saturday July 12.

Friday, July 4, 2008

DogStar Books Indie Art Exhibit tonight

July 4...1st Friday downtown. Stop in and see the Lancaster Indie Arts group first group show since college!

a cool eclectic mix, great food, music, in a cool downtown bookstore:-)

(after show note: LANCASTER CITY BIRD has a new home!!!! sweet thing, I wonder who bought you and where you are moving to?)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How cute is this...

From Storia Home,
and on it's way to my house, where it will celebrate many a birthday with us...

Clean House Messiest Home in the Country aired tonight. I love this show. Did any of the locals catch the "dejazzd" box amongst the mess? That was kind of a way:-)

Beautiful weather here in Pennsylvania...I went hiking with my son yesterday. We threw stones in a river for half an hour. tonight we played in the water from the garden hose and ate popsicles.
Life couldn't get better:-)