Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Lobster in my shirt...and I didn't even KNOW IT!

(I took an online decorating style quiz. Can you believe I'm cottage/tuscany? I thought I was more modern or something, guess not!)

Oh here's the funny story:

I went to the auto store with Mr. French and Mr. French Jr....I looked down and my chest looked lumpy under my shirt. I thought, "what the heck, this isn't my necklace..." and in front of the male cashiers, out of pure curiosity, I reached down the front of my shirt and pulled out a 7 inch plastic toy lobster!!!!
That Max! He laughed his head off, and so did the cashiers!

Indie Arts meets tomorrow morning downtown at Dosie Dough Bakery on Lemon Street, I am excited to GET OUT!

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