Monday, February 22, 2016

Medical Clearances. Hmmm.

You know those forms you fill out for your kid that clears them for camps/sports- things like that?

When your kids are fine, or pretty fine except for an allergy or something, they seem reasonable and easy.

So today, I began to think more about the medical clearance for scouts. There is a three mile hike for Max's Webelo den coming up. There is no way he can/should do that...and I began to wonder if he is "medically clear" for scouting. Sure, he can do the inside den activities (most of them), but what about even trips out? I pulled the forms up online and printed them out.

For events out he can use his wheelchair if the place is handicapped accessible. But what about if it's really hot, or a long day- and he starts to feel awful? Of course we'd be with him, and then we'd say, "oh no. We have to go. sorry. see ya. ok."

I need to fill this form out again with his new information. But we have upcoming testing that could change the game again. What happens if your child has a serious illness? Do they say, "Sorry, this isn't going to work out" or something like that?

Max has a physical coming up for MDA camp. I will talk to his doctor then.
It's like a childhood has been temporarily halted, and we have to figure out how to navigate in a different direction.