Friday, March 22, 2013

I'm in OZ

Well I thought we might know the results today for Mimi and her Russell Silver Syndrome genetics test. Oh, if it's not this, it is probably a type of Growth Hormone Deficiency. This is what the munchkins had. They are proportionate dwarfs with pituitary dwarfisms, and did not have growth hormone injections. It would (will?) be suggested that Mimi have 4000 shots over the next decade if she has similar 
(and they are already "mentioning" it). In fact, it's the treatment for both Russell Silver and GHD as they call it.

When I thought the answer was coming about the RSS test today my heart was racing, I was pacing. Our genetics counselor said, "it still says pending, let me call the lab. if i don't call you back in 10 minutes, i don't know yet." She didn't call back. Maybe tomorrow or another day.


Rather fitting that the new Oz movie is out.

There is a lot to research over here at the French house. Does one stay au naturale little person size or pump it up with some GH? I am still figuring this out. but My little Ms. Einstein won't let me on the computer very much. I've started to print research articles and read them later. They are scattered next to my bed and then are slipped into my bedside bookshelf next to Elmo Visits the Doctor. 
All this cooking and playing I do all day, and Mimi is now telling me she wants "two" of this or that. geez, bossy!

Nevertheless it was a happy day.
There's no place like home.
with your little munchkin.



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