Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What a Week

Well. To say the least it's been a crazy crazy week for me. I've been getting ready for the Distelfink show in Schaefferstown (this weekend). Felting, sewing, tagging, logging everything.
But all the while, I've been dealing with a medical nightmare. I went to the Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor last Wednesday who by chance, found a "very Large" (benign) bone tumor in my front sinus area- near my eyebrow, called an osteoma. The doctor informed me that if it grows at all or gives me headaches (which I'm afraid it has been) or vision/brain problems, I need to have it removed by a top surgeon at either Hopkins Hospital or somewhere in Philadelphia. It is "in a very tricky" location. Next to my brain and eye.
I will spare you the cat scan image in this post. It's quite something (I got a copy).
So this week my mind has been thinking, "oh my. these little bows are so pretty!" -and- "I can't believe I need a top Neurosurgeon in a Skull Tumor Dept at like...Hopkins."

So I have a couple more appointments, another scan scheduled and we'll figure it all out. But most likely, I'll need it removed in the next year. I shudder to think that I'll need it out in the next few months but that could be true. Once the tumor is removed, it's out, and all will be well, they don't come back, and this type is not cancer. It will require I'm sure, just a few weeks recovery. Just one heck of a crazy surgery. Never ever did I think I'd need something like this!

On that note, I have to say, that boy! even WITH a large skull tumor (!) I can still whip up a professional assortment of wool accessories:) Very proud of myself.
So here's what's going to Distelfink. I'm trying these bows you can pin to your wooly hat! I'm always asked for hat pins, so there you are.

As I was stitching up little white ones with white satin centers, my Anthropologie catalog came in the mail. I saw the lovely quilts page and was inspired to use the red and white ribbon I used on my British Cocktail Gown (the one I created for the My Aunt Debbie Shop window.)
any page you turn, I thought they looked great, and sweet. I really hope others like them as much as I do. They are made with the most ethical heavenly Wensleydale wool from Yorkshire, England- sheep sanctuary wool, so they are more special than you might even REALIZE! xx

I am also pleased to bring along some new tweed accessories I had the honor, or shall we say honour to make. Here is a little preview.

The bobbies are so 1930's/40's, and are selling well so far. But, I had to make these little clips too though, as this is what I typically wear in my own bob.

I wish you lots of health and happiness in this post:) And hope some of you can stop by the Distelfink Show at the Thomas Brendle Museum this weekend in downtown Schaefferstown.
Hours are Friday 4-9 pm; Sat. 9-4 pm; Sun 11-4
Bravely yours! xx Maggie

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