Friday, April 3, 2009

a Colorful Couple of Days

Yesterday, Rachel-Marie ( and Vicky Gertenbach ( and I went to the Quilters' Heritage Celebration at the the Lancaster Host Resort- one of the biggest quilt shows in the country.

Above is one of my favorites from the show, "Paisley Passion" by Susan Purney Mark.

Here's another favorite of mine, "Fairy Dust Recycling Plant" by Maria Weinstein.

and here were the most colorful and cutest pants at the show! gotta love them paired with Footprints Mary Janes...

Tonight was First Friday April in Lancaster, and I set up at Building Character. Here was my booth tonight...

and it was Max's first art show! at age 3.5 he showed four small works. Three of them sold. He was very excited but tried to give his money to a random customer:-) He ran up to me and gave me a great big hug when he saw me.
The artist Wil Mowery bought a piece that looked liked a painting of a pink egg. Sorry there aren't more pics of them, they went fast!

Here are my Etsy magnets, out on the town...

The evening ended at Building Character with dance music and flame throwers. Tony and Marty know how to draw in a crowd. The day and evening was quite stormy but the night time turned out to be rather mild and windy- so a nice start to the spring art season.


Victoria said...

Congrats to Max!!

Goin' Dutch said...

aww... still very sad that I missed such a fun night! I'm very impressed by Max :o) He is an artiste!