Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1000 Handmade Greetings

I received my acceptance email today from Rockport Publishers today for two of my handmade greeting cards- for their upcoming book, "1000 Handmade Greetings"
I made a few cards because I saw on Etsy that they were looking for original work for this book.
For a similar book they've made see:

I am really excited to be a part of this book!!! The cards they accepted are entitled: Blue Marsh and Wooly Flower. Wooly Flower is made from the strap of a handbag :-)

Friday, April 11, 2008

I Spy Amy!

Lots of cool vibes tonight at Spoiled Silly children's boutique in Lititz, where I was the featured artist for 2nd Friday.
Thank you to you guys for buying my new necklaces!, to Kim for hosting me, and my good friends for showing was a little bit of a party!
best of all was that Amy showed up, and I've missed her. Love you Ame. Party in her bathroom soon. Snacks will be served in style, and Amy will have washed her hair by then!
(oh Ame...I have to entertain you at work SOMEHOW~!)
Check out my new 2008 setup!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Old Lady Decorator now Aged 35

this is what I am calling myself now....Matt got me a doily dresser runner thing, with pretty stitching on it for my birthday and a pillow that says God Bless Our Home, both from Mommalicious in Lancaster...the pillow is black and has cool raised knitted letters on it.

This week is au pair week (meeting coming up this weekend at my house), so I'm preparing for that. Also, Friday find me at Spoiled Silly in Lititz as the featured artist, sporting my new "table" made from a gorgeous cabinet door, a pot rack, and four stair spindles.

Also this week, me and my Dad are installing beadboard paneling in my tiny hall (one of my birthday pressies). It will be lovely. Everyone will have to trust my artistic instincts. I CANNOT WAIT!!!! My house was built in 1952. It is missing some features it could have to make it "cuter"...for instance beadboard (afterall it is a Cape).
Last fall my Dad put in crown molding above my kitchen cabinets (another Maggie plan). I added a wallpaper border under that. Now now....everyone is saying, "OH NO. NOT A BORDER."
guess what???? I LOVE IT!!!!! borders help you match your towels! hooray!!!! they give a bland weird kitchen an identity. Yes, this is the same girl with an Alessi cookie jar, and all Fiestaware and name this and name that....but you know what? sometimes Grandma had it right!
Remember how you felt at Grandmas house? very very content? wanna know why? because everything was clean and it matched!

so the real test would be if you came to my house and you felt all warm and fuzzy while you ate roast beef at my table.

So back to the takes a lickin. I am up and down it all day. It has hardwood floors, and now yellow walls. Soon it will have beadboard and a chair rail. Soon after that???? it will have a french door revealing that yes we do have two more bedrooms up secret door number 3. If I can find a handmade stainglass hall light, I will buy it. And then I need to get two coordinating photographs or some art that I like.


if anyone knows where I can get purple tea towels please let me know.