Saturday, November 15, 2008

Whale Wars

I am watching Whale Wars on Animal Planet on HD about the Steve Irwin ship (the crew) sailing the Antarctic waters trying to stop the Japanese whalers. I think Paul Watson, Captain of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is startling crazy but so admirable because he's brave and outspoken.
After sitting for HOURS in a room watching people look so disinterested and ambivalent at this last show, it is fun and exciting to watch Paul Watson say, "If you joined this crew, you should be prepared to die for whales! Didn't we interview you?"
He's so passionate- I would hope that whatever my son believes in, that he is that unafraid as he grows older. I hope that he learns that he can share his opinions during his life openly and fearlessly with whatever stirs his passion. Sitting around saying nothing about things that upset you gets you nowhere.
In life I have felt that I was forced to censor my words, but I do have a voice and Paul Watson and his whale crusade might just make me less unafraid to use it!!!!

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