Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whales and stuff!

I had a dream of three whales!
Here is what they say that means:
'dreaming of a whale reflects a sense of calmness and spirituality within you"

The three of them looked like this Orca! It was startling because in the dream I was standing on the beach on a rainy day by myself and they appeared right at the shoreline.

I have had many revelations lately that are very positive to think of. My house is really coming together, I love being a local artist and spending time with a wonderful circle of artist friends, and I've realized since my son turned 3 last month, that I did a great job these last three years!!!! He helped make me who I am now...and helped define me. All the decisions I made for him or related to him or our family were hard at the time, but now things are fantastic and I am so proud of myself! It is hard to quit your job, but it was worth it...like a million dollars worth it! and I think now that pursuing my dream of being an artist has been so rewarding to me.
Whenever I had thought about "winning the lottery" (during my twenties as I sat in my cubicle as an admin) I would say, "I would be an artist." and the people around me would say, "you like art?" and it would floor me that they didn't even sense that about me!!!

I had a meeting with Lancaster Indie Arts on Wed...and what a wonderful thing it is to talk about art on a Wed morning at 11am and not weird office crap and politics! I feel like I'm in heaven. Like I did when I was at summer camp as a kid and we would be walking down a path to the Art Cabin for Art class.

It really really pays you back in a zillion different ways to just follow your heart, because when you do...things in your life will just move along..."swimmingly!" :-)

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