Saturday, May 28, 2011

Packages from London. We met our Courier.

Today was the first time, my line and Mimi's line were together at a show.
She was such a cutie, winning the hearts of everyone, especially the Grandma's who stopped by the Open House in Manheim.

We had a lovely time and made new friends with the other vendors. Both Mimi and I have been selling our pieces in the My Aunt Debbie shop, so it was interesting to me (again) to realize that I was personally introducing people to Wensleydale wool. Both Mimi and I came home with several less pieces, so we would be up to try this again. And what a great baby, sales person, and helper she was- I think we're onto something here;)

When our show was over, we headed downtown to Opal's 5th birthday party.

Opal moved to Lancaster from London two years ago. and her house always makes me feel like I'm in England for some reason. Maybe it's the Peppa Pigs...

but I think it might be "the Kitchen" in general. The toaster, combined with the tea...combined with the choice of "still or not still" water options. The hospitality of OFFERING me tea and water options!

We had a wonderful time, but the most special bit was the fact that we finally got to meet Chris, my London "courier" who just arrived last night. Mimi took to him right away. Was it because he collects and delivers extra special London dresses to her, or just because he was so kind to her?

(Chris has a concierge who was a bit curious about the small packages arriving to his place with my name on them. And (Oh No!) Mimi's fancy dress catalogs are now arriving at his flat! And he's saving them for her!!!)

Above, Chris laughs after removing his eyeglasses, and Mimi realizes she won't be able to eat them.
I have a feeling we'll see Chris again, and in the not too distant future. Technically we've seen him twice already. He sprinted down the street after us with a big container of Fage Yogurt- now that's a friend! XX

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dearest LuLu,

Please enjoy your last day of preschool (with Max!)...
You gorgeous little model You!!!! XO

Top Pics from Wednesday

Wednesday May 25...our last day co-oping at the Lancaster Cooperative School for Max.

Thursday is graduation. I'd be sad I think if we hadn't been working like crazy this year getting Max ready for kindergarten. We're ready! But I can't stop thinking about the wonderful people we've met at the school over the last two years- a fantastic assortment of artists, organic farmers, massage therapists, yoga instructors, green living fans, teachers, world travelers, activists, city shop keepers, Central Market stand owners, landscape architects, and folks who know what community means.
Later today I turned around at the My Aunt Debbie Shop and saw this little Lady Gaga. (and when we got home we discovered her two top teeth had arrived!

While at the shop, I checked out this crazy wooly necklace that Debbie made. The shop is rocking...

This pic of Debbie from her weekend trip with the girls made me laugh...and I loved the Mexican tunic. I noticed one of my flowers in her hair, and I loved the photo even more...til I found out that cone was a trash can!!!

...More after graduation, Lady Gaga has been keeping me up for days:-)
PS. My blog has gone crazy the last month, with over two thousand hits from all over the world. I can't really figure out "why" but I can say, "Thank YOU!!!!"

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Opal! Happy Birthday!

I met Opal in 2009 at the playground, right after she had moved here from London. She's been my little friend ever since, and hopefully one day she'll babysit Mimi:-)
Today she is five and we brought her one of my bows.

Opal was my first little girl model, and I just spent some time putting together a big present for her party Saturday...which I'll post later. I love Opal. She loves bugs and little critters and still has a (wee) bit of a London accent. Here she is in at three years old wearing my original clip flowers.

At the Fairie Festival I tied these yarn ribbons in her hair that I had put together in the car and she looked up at me and said sweetly, "Oh Maggie! How DO you make all these things?!"

We've had a busy few days with lots of things dealing with finishing cooperative preschool for Max, and by next Saturday afternoon, Max will have graduated from the Lancaster Cooperative School, and I'll have sold my British Wensleydale accessories at three events in 7 days.
We've had so much rain lately..nearly every day. So on this gorgeous day we relaxed...

and enjoyed our afternoon outside, in the very green grass...

in full color.

it's a beautiful day to be five! Happy Birthday Opal!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Studio Time.

Hanging out in our lower level studio tonight. We've got an Open House coming up in Manheim on Saturday May 28 from 10-2. Stop in (it's at my friends house) at 2069 Robin Drive. There will be a few other vendors there as well.

Before each show I do, I lay everything out on my table in my downstairs studio. But during the day, I usually work upstairs because that's where the kids are. This is what we cooked up today while we were upstairs...

and then when it became evening, we headed down to the studio with our just-made bows and played around down there.

I'm simplifying.

These are my FAVORITES, natural Wensleydale hair bands with shimmery angelina fibers, and I can't wait to make the bows even bigger.

all the ladies will be sporting these in the autumn:-) They go with everything. Especially your best woolens.

(brother is a little scary in the full-on Darth Vadar gear from the costume area)

Mimi likes books, and Max brought this peek a boo book to her to see.

when it opened up, he looked at the "wool" belly on the sheep and he says, "is that real wool?"

Please enjoy Mimi, almost 7 months, working with British Wensleydale felt.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Mimi's getting faster, flipping around, whacking things, busy, and very alert. She's qualified for speech therapy and will start in June with a therapist- but is advanced for her age in all other areas. a quiet but very busy little baby! She's so little- in the 15nth percentile for weight- which makes all the big girl stuff she does surprise people. Feeding herself, playing peek-a-boo by herself...all grins and little sounds. She grew overnight last night, and got more hair too. I caught her from falling twice yesterday. I think she was kicking around trying to grow and is getting ready to crawl. My little love.

Fast. Asleep. my view...

but, not for long!

Bows in Nature.

the bows went to Long's Park. they looked pretty there:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

I'm making headbands.

and I love them. and here they are with a painting by Iolanda Reinsmith- I picked this up at her booth in Building Character. oh that dear little sheep.
the headbands are so wearable- and I found a wonderful stash of bands- I just may be able to make one for me.
oh that little lamb. can't get enough.

(later...) I was washing dishes and staring at that painting... thinking of Mimi wearing the British Wensleydale wings I made for her, little one who always has shimmering fibers in her baby hair! she was my Wensleydale angel that day:-)